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Tracy Wilson Kitchen Designer

About Tracy

I have always strived to do ‘great work’ – partly because of an internal drive to continually learn and improve, but also because it gives me immense satisfaction to do quality work that stands the test of time and brings enjoyment to others.





Kitchen Design Needs

Integrated Kitchen Designs

Design Integration

 A kitchen should integrate with adjoining rooms and work in harmony with the style of the house

Integrated Kitchen Designs

Design Brief

The brief informs the direction of the project, taking into account your requirements,
and leads to relevant solutions

Integrated Kitchen Design

Mood Board

A selection of images that evoke the
desired style and guide the design
and material selection

Integrated Kitchen Designs

Material Selection

The finishes should reflect and enhance the chosen style, but also function effectively

Integrated Kitchen Design

Storage Planning

Easy access to items used daily and
on special occasions

Integrated Kitchen Designs

Spatial Planning

The key to a kitchen functioning well
– attention to detail includes the position of appliances, walkways and joinery

Integrated Kitchen Designs

Floorplans & Elevations

Detailed design drawings used for quoting
and to guide the technical drawings
to build the cabinetry

Integrated Kitchen Designs

3D Images

Visualise the finished design from all angles
and ensure all materials work together

Integrated Kitchen Designs

Lighting Plan

Complement natural light with lights that support functionality, create ambience and highlight kitchen features